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Easy-to-clean furniture fabrics: what is it and how does it work?

Dropped a glass of wine on your couch just when you wanted to say ‘cheers’? Oops. Cleanable fabrics are a great way of keeping your furniture as new for a longer time. But what exactly are they? And what do they do?

How to keep your furniture clean? Fabrics! 

There’s no avoiding stains when it comes to your furniture. No matter how gently you are around your kitchen chairs or sofa, there’ll always come a time when someone drops a glass of orange juice or a slice of pizza (face-down, of course) on them.

Instead of trying to avoid stains, try embracing them. The best way to do so is by choosing a fabric that is easy to care for.

Inherently cleanable fabrics
Some fabrics are characterised by their inherent cleanability. This means that their fibres and yarns have a stain-repelling quality. Stains never completely get through and make it easy to clean them away in just a minute.

Easy-to-clean application
Other fabrics can be made stain-repellent if they don’t have this feature by themselves. By applying a stain-repelling (and often a water-repelling) treatment to the fabric, it gets the same cleanability as the one above. 

Important: make sure to check if no harmful chemicals were used during the finishing process. 

Where to buy cleanable fabrics? At GTA Hangzhou!

At GTA Hangzhou, we offer both types of easy-to-clean upholstery fabrics.

Vivalife: durable, cleanable, sustainable

Vivalife by Ter Molst is an inherently cleanable fabric collection. 100% made from upcycled material in an entirely Belgian production process, Vivalife puts sustainability high on its priority list. No water was needed to grow its fibres, as they are man-made, and their inherent colour allows Ter Molst to skip dyeing, which would have been water consuming as well. 

Vivalife is extra durable: after its long first life cycle, it can be recycled up to ten times. As you can tell, this fabric has a very large list of features on top of its inherent cleanability. Water and some soap and you’re good to go enjoy your furniture again. 

Which one will you choose: bright and popping or Scandinavian chic?

vivalife by ter molst

Easy 2 Clean: trendy velvet that cleans with just water

Doubting to buy a velvet couch or armchair because it might be hard to keep clean over time?

In that case, you’ll love Jade. The founding mother of Symphony Mills’ Easy 2 Clean collection, this velvet was treated with a special stain- and water-repelling finishing. Stains like wine and pen can be cleaned with just a clean cloth and some water. Easy!

And, as you are probably wondering, it’s entirely free from harmful substances. 

easy 2 Clean by Symphony Mills

How about you?

Two totally different easy-to-clean upholstery fabrics at the same place. Are you considering cleanable fabrics for your furniture or home? Which would you like best: Vivalife or Easy 2 Clean?

Let us know!