Where your home becomes tangible.

Remember that cold evening during winter, where you were wrapped up extra tight in a blanket on your sofa? Feel the cosiness?
Remember that warm summer night when you rolled over to get to that one cool spot on your mattress? Feel the welcome freshness on your skin?

There's one key word: fabrics. Fabrics are what makes your home a comfortable place. Gentle to the touch, they influence our sensory feelings to help us calm down and create a cocoon of happiness and affection.

At GTA Hangzhou, we have everything to make your home a tangible one. To wrap, to comfort, to cuddle. To support, to cool down, to be good to our planet. There's a lot of things fabric can do. All it requires is a qualitative yarn and a bit of love added by our designers and textile engineers.

sofa with love home fabrics fabric

We bring together the top-quality fabrics of our Belgian sister companies Symphony Mills, Ter Molst and Artilat. As part of Love Home Fabrics, an umbrella brand that unites interior textile producers worldwide, we work closely together with over ten companies with a global vision. Love Home Fabrics originated in Europe and spreads its textile experience to its hubs on a daily basis. 

Every fabric at GTA Hangzhou is kept at stock in our warehouse and can be treated to meet your request. If you're looking for more than stock-supported fabrics with tailor-made finishings, our sourcing department is at your service to help you find the fabric or yarn you need. No matter your request, there's only one rule: quality prevails. Every fabric leaving our grounds has been thoroughly tested in our own quality control lab to meet and exceed high international standards.

Your furniture deserves the best comfort factor.
Because it's exactly that which makes the difference between a house and a home.