Quality control & Lab

Superior quality
is our goal

In order to consistently ensure high quality, our group maintains several in-house testing facilities around the world. Equipped with world-leading European and American testing equipment, these testing labs meet or exceed all the relevant textile industry standards. We are constantly subjecting all our deliveries to the most rigorous quality testing, to guarantee that we will always meet our clients' needs.

All products are always tested for the following:

  • shrinkage
  • seam slippage
  • tear strength
  • tensile strength
  • Martindale abrasion
  • pilling and pilling on Martindale
  • color fastness to light
  • color fastness to rubbing
  • color fastness to water

All of our fabrics are fully inspected by our own in-house QC team, to guarantee that when our fabrics are shipped to our customers, they meet or exceed all quality needs.