Our upholstery fabrics have a wide range of different qualities, textures, compositions and colors, produced or sourced by our global sister companies: Ter Molst International and Symphony Mills.

  • Ter Molst International

    Founded in 1953, the Belgian manufacturing company Ter Molst International now operates as part of a larger group in the global textile market with hubs in Belgium, USA, India and China. It specializes in refined interior textiles, and maintains its own in-house production facility in the heart of West-Flanders. This region is known for its long and distinguished history in the Belgian textile industry. We applied the Belgian concept in our plants in the USA and in India, and we export from Belgium to China. 

    Ter Molst specializes in jacquard, natural and synthetic fabrics. The jacquard fabrics can be recognized by the patterns woven intricately thanks to a special loom. The natural fabrics consist of cotton, linen or viscose. All fabrics are designed considering durability, comfort and color excellence.

  • Symphony Mills

    The wholesaler of curtains and upholstery fabrics Symphony Mills was founded in 1997. This subsidiary of Ter Molst International has an extensive collection and fits any need of clients looking for curtain, bed, chair and sofa fabrics. The trendy fabrics are multi-purpose and can be used not only for curtains and upholstery, but also for decorative pillows and lampshades.