Our Group

Luc Tack, founder of the GTA companies, decided in 1990 to uplift the home textiles industry by putting a new spin on the textiles market together with our teams worldwide. After more than 26 years in the textiles industry, we had together with our team a broader, more inclusive perspective. in order to keep moving forward, we seize every opportunity to improve the technology and to offer the best service. Within GTA we decided to steer the group in a new direction and created a new model to serve our customers. We made advances in the globalization of the company and created a worldwide supply chain to provide service all over the world.

All the efforts to put the GTA on the global map, has brought new opportunities to a well-established industry. Already being a key player in the textile industry in Europe, the GTA group has started expanding into Asia and the USA. With establishments in India, USA, China and Europe, the Global Textile Alliance is today a major player in the textile industry worldwide.

As of right now this worldwide alliance consists of


Each company in the GTA group started out as an individual textile company but has grown to be a flexible part in our group. The GTA group works with the same infrastructure (machines, systems, ...) at every location making it possible to deliver the exact same product worldwide. In this way we can offer the best quality at the best price and meet the demands of our customers all over the world. 


Our team

The quality of the team is the key to any successful business. First of all, the GTA group is a family business, and we consider all our employees to be part of our extended family. That's why GTA maintains the highest standards in its hiring and HR procedures. We take great pride in our sophisticated, diverse and experienced team of specialists and professionals. This dedicated and innovative team consistently works to deliver only the highest-quality of products and services to our clients at competitive prices. The GTA group lives by the following quote:

"You don't build a business. You build people and then people build the business." (Zig Ziglar)

One of the factors in our worldwide success is the diversity of skills, opinions and personalities. That's why we always strive to have a continuously growing team to create opportunities, both within our teams and our companies. The different nationalities offer us a great diversity in cultures and spoken languages, which is a vital part in the globalization of our company. We, therefore, take great pride in the multilingual skills of our sales and customer service teams all around the world, making it possible to offer a personalized service. In addition to that, we adapt our Belgian infrastructure to meet the local needs. Finally, all our companies are connected with the same system guaranteeing a smooth communication.

Our mission

It is our mission to offer a comprehensive range of interior fabrics of superior quality at competitive prices. All our products are carefully designed by our global, in-house design teams, to meet the evolving needs of all our customers.

Our in-house design departments

Our world-class creative team is constantly working to develop a wide selection of fabrics, designed to make an innovative statement in the global textile market. Let our team at GTA inspire you, by visiting one of our design studios around the world, where you can see the very best in the world of innovative and trendy home interior textiles.

Our products

Thanks to our weaving, knitting, finishing and sewing facilities around the world, we can offer our customers a wide range of upholstery, bedding and curtain fabrics, latex, yarns and cut-and-sew kits. All our products withstand rigorous product quality tests to make sure we only sell superior products at the best quality to our customers.

We work with natural and synthetic fibers and use a wide array of different techniques and materials such as woven jacquards, warp knits, woven velvets, PUs, faux leather, bonded leather and so on. Every element is either produced with our own facilities or sourced at one of our partners. In both cases we can ensure each step is executed meticulously in order to create the best possible end product.